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The Brand


After a long journey full of experiences, habits, behaviors, colors, tastes, smells and sounds, Corcel finally comes alive, giving back in style the whole experience and baggage of its creator.

Created and driven by musical vibrations from the fusion of rock and country music, combining, ropes, bows, knives, boots, hats, and horses with the elements that is related to the eventful city life, modernity, technology and wisdom . Besides, Corcel represents freedom, beauty, and authenticity.

With more than ten years of history, Marília Estevam has created an outstanding, modern and very unique identity. The perfect harmony between the city and the countryside, and the exquisite experimentalism of resistant, comfortable, attractive articles.Corcel isn't just a strong brand, but a lifestyle that personifies that way of living of the stylist and now of its enjoyers.

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